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No access to email

Can’t access email account to reset password and have no way off resetting it but need access

Billing error

Hi, I recently subscribed to the sports subscription of £25 a month.I have been charged £50 for this month! When I first paid for it the £25 came out (as it should) the next day I checked my bank and another £25 had been taken out bringing me into mi...

Mobile pass not working

Hi, i recently purchased a sky sport mobile pass for a month but when i iog onto my phone and go to my account info, it states "yoy need a pass to start working". I cant watch premier league!

Resolved! My now tv box isn’t working

My now tv box isn’t working! move reset it factory reset it! Done everything I’ve been told to do it’s still not working I’m paying for something I can’t use! i don’t see why I should spend more money on a new device when I have been a loyal customer...

Resolved! My broadband / line rental

Hello I pay for broadband and phone line however I don’t use / need the phone line and I get billed for it ofc, is there anyway to just pay for broadband and not the phone line as well? I’ve looked all over and cannot find anything relating to my iss...

WiFi cutting out when landline rings

When the landline rings the Internet cuts out and takes maybe 10 minutes to kick back in after the call has ended. The calls are also crackled and extremely hard to hear the other person also the other person hears the line problems too. The only sol...

My money

I cancelled my subscription yet you still took money out of my account I would like a refund please because I know I cancelled it as at the time I didn’t have enough money to pay


I need help what is the contact number for now tv. Someone has stole my ip or booted me offline o cannot get online and there is no phone number for help

Resolved! Phone line

Can anyone tell me who do I talk to to get the anker point for the phone line from the post to the house changed its badly corroided and twisting in he windthanks very much