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Spoofing on my landline

 We are getting phone calls on our Now Landline from random people probably once a week. These people state that they have had a "missed call" from our telephone number on caller id but we have not phoned them. It has been suggested our landline has been "spoofed" Any body got an ideas how to stop this please?

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This might be of help.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I suspect you are right that scammers are spoofing, using your number on caller ID so that the people they cold call don't see their real number. This is probably just coincidence with the scammers selecting a random number and nothing to do with you personally. I can imagine it's seriously annoying and not sure there's much you can do, however on a positive note scammers don't tend to spoof a number for too long as it gets identified quite quickly by online communities and spam blocking apps as a number to block, the scammers then just change the last couple of digits and go again.

I have on more than one occasion had missed calls from a number I don't recognise, blocked it after a google search, only to get a call from an almost identical number a few days later.