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New Tech/Equipment I want to get

@Mark_Weinreb   @RoyB  @dr_necessitor  @schnapps @gavs82008 


and any other interested forum members.



Hi Guys


One of the things I've recently noticed, although it seems obvious now, is that from time to time most of us are on the look out for new tech equipment to add to or enhance our respective entertainment systems.


Apart from my Covid-19 equipment binge of the recent past, I'm looking to either buy myself a new set of stereo speakers and or a stereo equalizer, even though I don't honestly need them (I'm getting that brain itch).


So guys, what have you recently bought or what are you looking to get and, if your willing to say, why?



UK Bob





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Hi @ukbobboy 


There is only three things on my tech want (dream list).


1. OLED Television.


2. BK Subwoofer for my Home Cinema.


3. Dolby Atmos Surround system (ie soundbar and wireless sub) for the Living Room.


Unfortunately i am skint at the moment and will have to do what i have 😡.


May have to fork out for a new tablet, where my Amazon Fire TV tablet is starting to get a little sluggish 🐌.




You know


I need a new Android tablet as well, my current version 5.1 can no longer cast to my chromecast device, playing my digital music, without crashing out (I think it's a deliberate plot by Google to keep the "churn" going.


As for a subwoofer, I'm getting that "brain" itch again (I want one but I


don't need it, and I can't really justify the purchase).


I hope to buy the least conscience bothering tech on my list first, i.e. a new tablet, then maybe the stereo equaliser, which doesn't bother me too much. But the new speakers and or subwoofer is going to cause mental gymnastics in my thinking processes in order to come up with "justifications".

Head Explosion.png

Anyway forum member Schnapps, I wish you well with your future purchases and that your installations go smoothly.


In the meantime, I will start my search for a version 10 or above Android tablet.





UK Bob




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@ukbobboy no major purchases planned. I satisfied one want during lockdown by buying some good quality Bluetooth headphones - another cord cut. Just about reached the point where connectivity issues have been solved and battery life is good enough for several hours use on a single charge.


Next little purchase planned is a pocket/portable projector so on balmy nights in the summer I can sit on the patio and watch cricket or a film.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Saint1976 


Just out of interest what Bluetooth headphones did you go for? I use headphones a lot so recently splashed out on some Sony WF1000XM3, they are good but not without issues!   


- Simon

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@Simon-J I spent a long time looking and got it down to a choice between Sony wf1000xm3, Bose Soundsport Free and Cambridge Audio Melomania Touch. Went for the Cambridge Audio.


They had their issues at launch late last year which a firmware update in January sorted. Still have a slight problem with the touch controls being very sensitive but the sound quality is incredible, especially when paired with my Sony nw-a55l hi-res audio player.


@ukbobboy only just started to research and look so no specific models on the list yet. I had an original budget in mind but from what I'm reading, I'll need to double (or treble) it.





Hi Saint


Yeah, a pocket projector sounds "Well Cool", I don't know about projectors per se but I take it those small projectors are wireless?


Let us know what models you are looking at, I'd be very interested to know (as I'm an ignoramus about such things).




UK Bob

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Legend 5


So towards the end of last year I bought a Sony Bravia Android TV. Mainly for having the option to download VPN apps on it.


Turned out to be a cracking buy as I have been able to unlock other regions of Netflix and Disney+. It was also allowing me to create a US google account which I was able to download Peacock (US version of NOW), which has ALL episodes of Chicago One 😎


Apart from the TV I’m waiting patiently for more stock of the PlayStation as I would like to get the digital edition. Got savings sitting ready to splash on it. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @gavs82008 @Saint1976 @schnapps  @ukbobboy 


@gavs82008  Then if you like PlayStation you will consider what I'm about to say to be heresy. I would like the new Xbox the X version, the one with the Blu-ray drive. In 2020. I brought a new LG TV supports AMD freesync which allows for up to 120 FPS output. Perfect for the new Xbox's


Although unfortunately though, I got caught out with the AV receiver that I brought a month or two after the TV as it turned out to be one of the ones that was affected by the HDMI 2.1 issue so that means I shall have to connect the new Xbox directly into the TV rather than connecting it to the AV receiver. If I ever manage to get that I've been looking for months and they have yet to be in stock 


@Simon-J @Saint1976 are the headphones you brought in-ear or on-ear headphones? I don't like the fact that  of Bluetooth earphones are now the in ear type. I prefer the old-fashioned style that go on/over your ears. I believe in-ear headphones are sometimes referred to as earbuds. just in case you're not sure what I mean. 


When I last went to purchase some Bluetooth headphones I wanted to get some 'Bowers and Wilkins' Bluetooth headphones but when I saw the price I was soon dissuaded of that idea as they would have been overkill for what I want to use them for (they would have been close to the cost of an AV receiver 😲)  so I went for a pair £45 Sony ones instead, which are a major improvement over my old ones considering they haven't snapped in half. They are also light and comfortable. I initially looked at Bowers and Wilkins because I knew they probably wouldn't snap in half this in the end couldn't justify the price. To be fair, it's my own fault I should never have brought cheap supermarket headphones, I won't ever be doing that again.

I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service. But just like you I am still a customer. This means I cannot help you with issues that would involve looking into your account directly. A member of the now TV forum team or live chat will need to assist you with these issues.
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@commanda6 yes they're in ear headphones. There are pros and cons to both types but I've only ever had in ear headphones.


I'd love a set of Bowers and Wilkins but yeah, a small loan would be needed so no justification in spending that amount and given I wear my headphones for running, I'd be paranoid of damaging them at that price!