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Idea: Drop Silverlight

Chrome, Safari and Edge are ~80% of the web's browser. It's mental you don't support them.


If Silverlight is no longer relevant, that should be enough of a hint to drop it as your delivery engine. Netflix and Amazon Prime don't use it - why should you?


Even if it worked, it's a really bad choice - Silverlight CRIPPLES even modern hardware. On my (latest model) Macbook Pro, the fans start spinning full pelt and CPU usage hits 100% trying to watch anything on Silverlight on Firefox.


I try to watch 'native' when I can, but usually I only grab a few minutes here and then viewing time when I have my Mac laptop in front of me, so this means relying on a web browser.


Why not opt for a native HTML5 solution?

Anonymous User
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Hey @Anonymous User


We hear you! 


We can understand the trouble that you might encounter with Silverlight. Unfortunately due to rights, we're required to use this for the content that we provide.


Who know though, this may change in the future 🙂