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Getting Fed Up with Now Tv (my review)

Now tv has its own problems from not letting you sign in only to find that they have banned your ip address, too showing stupid films that you dont really want to watch.


Ive been a member of now tv for 6 months and have come across a fair few problems, ive always bought the movies and sometimes the entertainment pack, however i find the viewing quiet boring, after-all, i would not watch about 90% of the films that are shown on now tv as they do not intrest me, and as for entertainment pack thats about 97% of the programming i would not watch, i only watch family guy/american dad on entertainment and find the rest boring, how can they call it entertainment???


My final thing to say is people like myself that are becoming a long term customer with now tv, should now tv not give something away for free to the paying customers to keep there custom?  We get naff all but problems which prevent us from viewing.