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Connecting TV to WiFi

I have a Samsung smart TV but it will not pick up WiFi connection to enable me to connect to BBC iplayer or other catch up channels. Do I need to subscribe to a TV package for this? 

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@Anonymous User 

You should just input your Wi-fi password in the TV settings to connect the TV to Wi-fi. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Without a decent Wifi connection between your Samsung Smart TV and your Router you will not be able to use any Apps that run over the internet.


Does your Samsung Smart TV have an Ethernet port on it and can you run an Ethernet cable to your Router or use powerline Ethernet adapter plugs ?


When you say you are using a Samsung Smart TV you are not using an HDMI external device like a NOW Stick or Box by any chance and you are getting some sort of error message when attempting to use any of the Apps such has iPlayer, YouTube etc ?


@schnapps   @Anonymous User   @gavs82008 


Hi Guys


As a Samsung TV owner, I thought I'd throw my "2 penneth worth" into this ring.


First, Joey, unfortunately, has not given enough information to really work on is problem, so we don't really know if he has a wi-fi signal problem or just does not know how to setup his TV's wi-fi with his router.


Until he returns with more info he cannot really be helped, just given blind suggestions.


Next, from my own experience Samsung TV's are easy to setup, plays well with other manufacturers devices and is a joy to use, it's only draw back is the reams of questions that have to be answered before the TV will set itself up.


Now Schnapps, you mentioned possible interference from other attached or set-top devices, well I have a Roku 3, BluRay Player, ChromeCast Device, Sound Bar, Music System (including mini-amps and speakers) all connected to my Samsung TV, using all three HDMI ports and all systems working without any problems whatsoever.


Finally, it is possible to plug the TV into an Internet LAN line but, like most people, my TV is set at a good distance from my router and only if my wi-fi did not work properly would I then use the powerline suggestion.



UK Bob



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Hi @ukbobboy 


You are absolutely right about going in blind and @Anonymous User needs to come back with more information for us to offer further help.


My last paragraph was enquiring if @Anonymous User was using an external NOW playback device which was having the wifi connection problem (not any sort of interference) rather than the Samsung TV itself.


Where you will be surprised on the forum how many people say smart TV and after a few communication replies back and forth you find out they are referring to a NOW Stick or NOW Box rather than the television itself.


The more i read the initial help question on the thread it sounds to me that @Anonymous User has just joined NOW Broadband and is having difficulty setting up the wifi connection between the Samsung Smart TV and the NOW Hub Router (more second guessing on my part).


Where JoeyRuss doesn't mention NOW anywhere in the help question and only hints at needing a TV Package subscription to use Catchup TV such has BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5 for example.


Where i didn't also answer that part of the question clearly, that you don't need a NOW TV Package subscription membership to use Apps such has iPlayer, YouTube etc and just need a stable internet connection for the Apps to work on your Samsung TV.


Though if you are using BBC iPlayer or live TV channels you need a TV licence as well has access to the internet. 


We await Joey further detailed information about the issue before offering further assistance. 




@schnapps  (reply)   @gavs82008  & @Anonymous User  for info


Yes Schnapps


I couldn't agree with you more, Joey's initial opening is far too vague to offer any meaningful suggestions, so much so that we could each head down a blind ally without knowing whether we are being helpful or not.


As I was thinking about this last night I thought of throwing in the Samsung's help desk phone number, but could see no real point in doing that.


Until Joey returns.



UK Bob