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For the last couple of weeks now whenever I go to a live TV channel on my NOW tv box the picture is a total blur! The picutre is not at all watchable. You can't even tell where the pitch is, nevermind the ball, on the England game on at the minute and The walking dead is going to be ruined just like last week! PLEASE dont advise me to try the suggestions on the "secret screen" because I've tried them all and they do work......... FOR ABOUT 20 MINS!!!! and that's if I'm lucky! I've seen a few people report the sane thing so there is clearly an issue!? (Whether you admit to it or not).

Please sort it out NOWtv and also I would ask are those of us that are effected going to get any refund from being unable to watch a service they are paying to watch? 

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Sorry to just jump in on your post but having the same issue myself and you’ve said all there is to say so hoping someone from now tv replies to you and I can see it aswell lol, sorry and thanks.