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need help connecting to months free trail

created an account payed for 1 months cinema.cannot cannot get pass or play now tv on my pc.decpite doing every thing as told .im just supposed to play tv or films and it should connect straight away to watch .     help needed  waiting for respone.    [email removed]       david...

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Re: need help connecting to months free trail

Hi @davidkilner 


In order to help you, we need to know where and how the process fails, more specifically:-


What browser are you using, on which version of Windows?


Can you get NowTV in your browser?


Can you sign in to your account?


Can you see your Cinema Pass in My AccountPasses & vouchers, and if it is not there, add it there?


On trying to watch something, are you asked to download the player?


If so, can you do this?


At this point, the movie should play. If you get this far and it doesn’t, what happens instead?

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