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mirroring android phone to sky now tv

hi all,

downloaded a movie on the google play store but i havnt got a chromecast, all i have is a sky now tv, is there anyway i can play it on my tv using the now tv, or do i have to buy a chromecast?

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Re: mirroring android phone to sky now tv



The NOW TV devices don't have the Google Play Video app, so you'd need either a Chromecast or a Smart TV with the app installed.  


It's worth having a Chromecast as you can get offers on Google Play Video and NOW TV passes.  

Networking Spec - ISP: TalkTalk VDSL2 @ 76mbps | NOW TV Smart Box 4K wired connected, Chromecast 3rd Gen wired, Samsung Galaxy A50 (Android Pie), Fire Tablet (2018 edition), Dell PC with Windows 10 Home Edition using the Now TV Win 8.1/10 App.
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