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mirroring android phone to sky now tv

hi all,

downloaded a movie on the google play store but i havnt got a chromecast, all i have is a sky now tv, is there anyway i can play it on my tv using the now tv, or do i have to buy a chromecast?

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Re: mirroring android phone to sky now tv



The NOW TV devices don't have the Google Play Video app, so you'd need either a Chromecast or a Smart TV with the app installed.  


It's worth having a Chromecast as you can get offers on Google Play Video and NOW TV passes.  

Networking Spec - ISP: TalkTalk VDSL2 @ 76mbps | NOW TV Smart Box 4K wired connected, NVidia Shield 2017 using Chromecast Built-in, Sony Xperia E5 (Android Marshmallow), Fire Tablet (2017 edition), Dell PC with Windows 10 Home Edition using the Now TV Win 8.1/10 App.
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