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 I would like to close my account on the 15th of July, 2014 because I am coming back to Poland

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Re: Zzz

Hi @Max9 


That’s five years ago; did you mean 2019?


But all you need to do, strictly, is make sure all your active Passes are Cancelled, which you can do for yourself under My Account/Passes & Vouchers.


If you want to go further than that, though, and delete your account, then here is what you must do:-


Either way, you can’t action these things with a request in the Community, for obvious security reasons.


Please ‘Accept Answer’ now, if you are so inclined, as you won’t be able to come back and do it later Smiley Tongue

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Community Manager

Re: Zzz

Hi @Max9 ,


Just to let you know I've edited your post - we don't advise sharing your address details on a public forum.





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