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What's happened to NowTV

Since the new "Now" update, I've had nothing but problems.  Apart from the fact that anything loading takes an eon now.  But my stick doesn't work anymore. The Now box is fine and I  looked into getting another to replace the stick, but why are they now so expensive? 

It was so much better before the update, and I get so frustrated with waiting for it to load ive started to just jump over to other streaming apps.


Please sort this out as I do like the large choice of TV programmes and movies, and my kids watch their stuff, but It takes SO long to load its so frustrating 😐

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Re: What's happened to NowTV


Perform a factory reset to the device


Or unplug your router for a minutes.


Or switch up for an Amazon fire stick.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, I am simply a NOW customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service and like you I am still a customer. For any account issues you’ll need to contact staff via customer support.
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