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Re: Calling all Gotham fans!

@Andy wrote:

@Thom77 @commanda6 @caseyb1993 Can’t remember which thread we used for Gotham chat now so I’ll stick it in here but now the final episode has aired (apart from the final-final time-jump one next week to somehow convince us David Mazouz has turned into Christian Bale) what do we think of this last season?



I am very easily pleased, so this final season of Gotham is OK with me and it will be interesting to see how this time jump finale episode on Sunday will go....... can Bruce and Selina really be made to look 10 years older, not unless they spend the entire episode in their new supersuits?????  I for one have been enjoying my E4 Gotham viewing and lets just see how it all ends???????


@commanda6  I think Gotham season 5 is available on Netflix from Today (24th July), that was what was announced a few weeks ago...... I don't have access to check, but have a look and if it's there binge away and you could get to the end before E4 this coming Sunday!!! ......... and @Andy  if you have Netflix you can also get your finale viewing done before Sunday??



Re: Calling all Gotham fans!

@Thom77 @commanda6 @Andy 

I can confirm season 5 began streaming today on Netflix.

caseyb1993 Legend 5
Legend 5

Re: Calling all Gotham fans!

@Andy Not watched it yet, I'm waiting for the finale to air first so I can watch back to back. 


I take it that it is baaaaaaad then?

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