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Auto Renew - A Warning

Hello All,


Just in case someone else gets caught like this.


Some time ago I entered my Visa card number, went for a trial and used a supplied voucher code but cancelled voucher for when it expired so I wouldn't get auto renewal via my card.


Recently I purchased a voucher code and thought this is the way to go, purchase a code as and when I wanted it.


However after using the new voucher code, instead of it expiring and just stopping until another code is used, the auto renew kicked in again and charged my card.

It seems that because the auto-renew default kicked in it found my existing card details, which unfortunately was still valid. No idea why this defaults to doing this, well maybe I do!


There does not seem an easy way to clear your card details and/or stop the auto-renew without actually contacting someone. Maybe someone can clarify this or suggest an improvement to the options available?


Anyway, I would suggest that anyone wanting to go down the entering of voucher codes route, should make certain they cannot renew by using your existing card details, by contacting someone, (e.g. live chat), to remove card details/auto-renew. Of course it is fine if you want to subscribe and regularly have the amount charged to your card.


In affect I have now paid twice for my monthly subscription; purchased a code & charged from my card. At least I should be able to use the voucher code next month.


Hope this helps some people.


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