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remote pairing takes a new turn

I have intermittent pairing issues with my smart remote and the other day after doing a factory reset (something I have to do at least a couple of times a week) a question appeared on my screen and I had to type in my TV brand - this has never happened before - does anyone know why

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Re: remote pairing takes a new turn



When pairing, the Stick asks the TV what brand it is, and this narrows down enormously the range of code sets it has to try to get a match with the remote codes for your TV.


So it looks like this querying of the TV failed, and the Stick had to ask you instead.


That’s not good. What brand is your TV by the way?


Given the problems you are having , it looks like either the Stick or the TV is playing up.


If you can find the option to Reset your TV in its Menu system, that would be my next step here might clean things up a little, maybe stop the problems altogether if you are lucky.


Though you will have to retune it, reinput any non-standard colour and sound settings, wifi password, etc, when it’s reset, so make a note of these first, before resetting it.

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