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Now TV stick no longer connects to my tv

Hello. I used my Now TV stick for the first time last week and it connected and worked perfectly. Now I’m trying to use it again but it won’t even connect this time. I have a Sony Bravia TV and when I switch to the HDMI input of the Now TV stick, the screen just says “Unsupported signal. Check your device output.” I’ve gone through my TV settings but I can’t find why it’s not working and all the other devices connected to the other HDMI inputs are fine. Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated. 

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Re: Now TV stick no longer connects to my tv

The NowTV Stick has very modest requirements, so it should work on your TV, no trouble.


Can you, even if only temporarily, try swapping it onto another HDMI port, and see if it is working there?


If not, can you try it on another TV? (A friend or family one, possibly, if you only have one TV - that’s the beauty of the Stick’s portability).


Either the Stick won’t work there - in which case it has probably gone faulty, so take it back where you bought it for a replacement - or it will, in which case the TV is likely at fault.


Especially if it is one of those prima donna Android sets. You can try pointing the TV remote at the TV when it is switched on, and holding down the On/Standby button on the remote for just over five seconds, which will make an Android set reboot.


If that doesn’t work, or works but doesn’t fix it, then the invariable advice with these sets is to do a Factory Reset; if this seems to be what’s needed, and you can’t find out how, come back with the exact TV model number, and we’ll see if we can point you to the relevant instructions.


But do come back anyway, and tell us what did or didn’t work, for the benefit of posterity....

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