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No sound

Just added a new stick to my account but there’s no sound the picture is fantastic but no sound .. tried the normal turn off/on but nothing can you help ... now I’m not sure as I was clicking if I clicked on music or can hear or not as I was trying to set it up quickly for my daughter that might be the cause also she is running the device off her mobile as the stick is based in our holiday caravan.. can anyone help as I can’t find the contact number for “now tv” I used to call ... 
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Re: No sound

Hi @Ryanwolf 


Out of curiosity what make and model number television is the nowtv stick plugged into ?


Have you tried a different HDMI port on the television ?


Also a couple of JVC & Bush television owners had no sound from the television speakers and i think they resolved it by going into the television menu settings and either played around with the HDMI CEC or Sound settings on their television.


If still no luck, go into the stick settings and play around with the audio settings and try different sound combinations on the stick.


The initial setup wizard where you hear the music is related to the nowtv remote on/off button and volume adjust buttons to control your television set standby & speaker volume and shouldn't have any bearing on no sound or picture when watching something on the stick.

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