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How to connect a NOw TV stick to a wired ethernet connection

Hi there,

So the wifi reception in my room is just shockingly bad, which means that in order for me to get internet with a decent broadband speed I have to use a HomePlug adaptor - which basically runs the ethernet through the electricity cables in my house. So I have a HDMI input at the back of my TV that I can plug the Now TV stick into, and I have a ethernet cable coming from an adaptor that's plugged int a mains socket in my wall. Now I think a UGREEN Ethernet Adaptor for Chromecast would do the trick  to connect the stick to both a power point and the ethernet cable - the ad said it's compatible with a Fire stick - but I just want to be sure that it's compatible with the Now TV stick before I buy one. Has anyone ever used a set up like this?