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Sound glitches (stuttering) on some content

I've been very happy with the NowTV Smart Box until recently when I started noticing an annoying stuttering on the sound on a lot of content, but not all.


For example, trying to watch "The Leftovers" season 1 episode 5, the sound from the beginning is very bad. Especially noticeable on music, the sound appears to cut out for a fraction of a second every few seconds.


Interestingly, if I rewind, the sound glitches in exactly the same place. The pointless ads for Sky that are annoyingly injected into the content at the ad breaks (don't get me started on that) also glitch.


The picture is perfect and does not miss a beat. 


It happens on most content that I watch, but I haven't noticed it on Modern Family.


I have tried all the usual, reboot, factory reset, change HDMI leads, etc. but it makes no difference.


Crucially, I also tried the same content on my LG TV NowTV app and crucially it has exactly the same problem in the same places, so it must be the content. I thought it might be a 60Hz -> 50Hz issue, but the problem is also very noticeable on content that was originally 50Hz (30 degrees in February).


I gave up on Amazon because of poor picture quality, I hope I don't have to give up on NowTV for poor sound!