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Sorry, Now TV is currently not available

Switched on my NowTv smart box a couple of days ago to this message. I don’t watch it often so I’m not sure if it’s been like this for a while.

I tried again tonight with the same result. I swiped around on the remote and cot some of my apps, you tube Roku channel etc but the Now TV was greyed out. I tried YouTube and it worked fine @4k so my connection is fine.

a restart, twice, and it worked on the second attempt. I came out the now tv app, went back in and I have the same message again.

Sorry, Now TV is currently not available
Currently sitting typing this watching 4K YouTube on a 100mbs connection.

Anyone any ideas? 

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Re: Sorry, Now TV is currently not available

The code shows this is a problem at NowTV’s end! 
Having spent about an hour with tech support and failing to resolve the issue I was told it was an issue with my box and “go buy a new one” being the solution.


I didn’t think it was as the box worked fine apart from the NowTV app. I searched and came across this post from Commanda6, sorry not sure how to link it but I have copied it below.


I used the access to the secret menu, did a software update and now it works.


Thanks Tech support, you are useless. Obviously just read from a script and half the time do not read what you have written in the chat box.

Assuming that you're using NowTV hardware. Can you confirm which piece of NowTV hardware you're using? White box, black box, or smart box?


1. Have you tried a soft reset? Settings > system > system reset .


If a soft reset fails then try the steps below


2. force a software update on the Now TV box. This will make the box reinstall its software.


To do this press the following combination of keys in fairly quick succession


Home (x5)

Fast Forward (x3)

Rewind (x2)


When you have done this after a second or two a secret menu will come up, select update software and select okay/continue when the box prompts you.


3. The very last thing you can try is a factory reset


Settings > system > advanced system settings > factory reset


Unfortunately, if you do this you have to setup the box again and enter your details for NowTV


I hope at least some of my advice manages to help you out



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