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Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

As if by magic!


My TV Guide, Catch Up options have disappeared from the home screen!


I have tried reset and also a factor reset but they are still not there.


There does not seem to be any support from NOW TV regarding this, is this a common fault with this service or a software and or box fault?


Please can someone assist?

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Re: TV Guide Disappeared!!

See instructions earlier in this thread for remote control secret options to force a software update from Version: 7.5.3 Build 4056 to Version: 7.5.3 Build 4057.

This fixed my freeview problems.

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TV guide disappeared??

So the last 2 nights when turning on tv the box isn't showing TV guide or catch up. The only options are the apps and settings can anyone help? Options have totally disappeared. Thanks in advance
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Re: TV guide disappeared??

Hi @Melissa1607,


Your new topic/post has been merged into this existing topic about the same subject, which might contain the answers you're looking for...




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Re: TV guide disappeared??

Hi @Melissa1607



Running a software update seems to be fixing this for most people if you want to try that out


Start by pressing your NOW TV remote control buttons in this order:


Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2



Then click on update software and wait for this  to complete.