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Internet connection


i have a now tv box installed in my living room, all hooked up to the internet and works great. 

I want to have a box in the bedroom too, will this still work as I won’t have a direct connection to the internet (the socket is downstairs) or is there a way I can connect it???



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Re: Internet connection

Hi @Anonymous User

If you are looking to add an extra nowtv box for your bedroom television, then to test that the WiFI reception coverage works in your bedroom, what i would be inclined to do is to temporary locate your existing living room nowtv box and connect it too the television bedroom to see if you encounter a stable picture without buffering.

Should your existing living room box be hardwired over Ethernet to your Router, then when setting the box up in the bedroom, go into the box menu settings under network, set up connection and then connect to your router SSID network and enter the router password on the nowtv box.

If the wifi signal in the bedroom is poor after trying the above, then either look into wifi boosters or Ethernet home plugs when using the bedroom nowtv box.



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