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Broadband and phone

Today is change over day to NOWTV broadband.

Should be connected by midnight tonight

Ok...While writing this msg am still using SKY very expensive broadband.

At what time do I set up my new NOWTV router?


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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Broadband and phone

Hi @koffindodger 


If you are currently with Sky and using a Sky Router you may not notice the switch over to NowTV due to that Sky Routers will work on the NowTV Broadband service.


Should you have noticed an interruption with your Broadband service today, then maybe swap over to the NowTV Hub router to see if the three green lights are showing on the front of the NowTV Router.


Otherwise if it was me leave it until sometime this evening before plugging in the new NowTV Hub router (no harm using your existing Sky Router).


You can also check if the live activation date has been completed by going to My Account > Orders & Appointments on here where the the colour will change from blue to green with confirmation that you have gone live (though i find this live confirmation screen page takes a couple of hours to update in real time).



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