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Does NOWTV Fibre use Skys network?



Does anybody know if NOWTV Fibre uses Skys own network?


Every provider i have used in the past has given me awful ping times when gaming EXCEPT for sky.



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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. As far as I know it does, you have to be at a Sky-enabled exchange to get it and IP checks show as Sky Broadband. For a definitive answer you're probably best giving the Combo Team a call, who can also check your line and advise what speeds you could expect. You'll find the number on your My Account > My Package page

NOW are looking for users to join their Customer Feedback Group and help improve the service. If you're interested read more here and sign up.


If it's like TalkTalk, the telephone is connected via the LLU, while the fibre broadband is BT Wholesale.   (ADSL2+ uses LLU). 



Networking Spec - ISP: TalkTalk VDSL2 @ 76mbps | Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen, Chromecast 3rd Gen WiFi, Motorola Moto G9 (Android 11), Dell PC with Windows 10 Home Edition using Now TV Player.

@Anonymous User After i got an unusually low speed estimate when i look at taking the combo i phoned now tv.I asked why the estimate i got was low and explained that i was currantly with sky and got between 15/17 mbs.

They told me that they use there own network so would not get the speed i get with sky.