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Broadband has stopped working?

Hi there,

I was watching a film on my now tv box and suddenly my now tv broadband stopped working. Tried resetting it but now the light is a solid amber. I came on the forum to find a solution and noticed that there is a service disruption from 00:30-6:00. However, I also noticed that this was supposed to be affecting the south west, however I'm in York which is in the North East which is nowhere near to the proposed areas. Could it be possible that our area is affected even though it is not one of the areas that is listed?

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Re: Broadband has stopped working?

@Katie15 given you don't live in York. It won't be the same issue. Try turning off the router for 30 seconds. Also check your phone line for a dial tone. If router still doesn't work you can try the master socket. It is the one with the line across. Unscrew the plate, there is a phone socket inside. Try plugging your router direct into that. It will help identify exactly where the issue is. You can then ring Now and tell them exactly what you have found.

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