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NOW TV Broadband (Archived)


Can’t connect to wifi

Lights all seem normal. Nothing has changed with connection. No service issues reported. Keeps taking me back through the setup loop. Can’t connect to chat on the iPhone, the get in touch option doesn’t work on iPhone (and it’s the only connection I ...

Wake On Lan

Can anyone explain how to set up Wake-On-Lan on this router, was working fine with BT Hub but since moving to now tv a week or so ago haven't been able to wake my media server from pc or phone

Resolved! NowTV Hub 2 - NR801

As this SkyQ clone appears to being supplied to new customers, could one of the NowTV mods on herestate whether it can/will be made available to existing customers using the originally supplied NR-701? ... and possibly give some indication of what th...

Not a good start!

So fiber and phone was meant to switch over yesterday.  Phone appears to work and modem shows a connection but authentication fails. Support say the order is delayed and need to wait upto 72hours.  Had nowtv combo before and had no issues but to expe...

BT Home hub 6 on NowTV broadband

Anyone know where I can get the settings / information from so I can connect to NowTV broadband from my BT Home Hub as the free one sent out from NowTV does not meet my needs (more ethernet ports and some usb ports).

Not a good start

Supposed switch yesterday and Niw TV failed to their job and change over hasn’t happenedNow I am told to wait for 72 hours to hear from 2nd line engineering teamBT confirm line is open waiting to be picked up with nothing preventing Now TV taking the...

wifi connection

Hi, im having trouble connecting to my wifi, keeps saying my password is incorrect althought im using the one supplied with the box. Any ideas on how to resolve this?Thanks,

Setting time limits on wifi

I want to set time limits on when my child can use the internet but can't find the option in the NowTV hub settings. This has always been a simple task, but theNowTV hub is not being as accomodating. Any help would be greatly appreciated

open reach

how disgusting this is my girlfreind stayed in home for 2 days waiting for open reach to turn up not even a call nothing ..and now  she as to rebook till the 28th of deceber cant do anything cant contact her family cant do any shopping NOW TV siort i...