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Unable to log in to Now TV on EETV

I am trying to log into Now TV on the EETV app page, whilst I am able to navigate the app, when it comes to logging in using email/Username and password I start typing and the page stays blank. The EETV remote is brand new and works for typing on all other apps/searches. The EETV box is acknowledging that I am typing as it flashes each time I press a button, but the sign in details tags blank. I have tried updating all EETV apps (everything is brand new anyway), please can someone help ? X
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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Unable to log in to Now TV on EETV



Welcome to the forum. Vaguely recall someone else mentioning this which I think was solved just by powering down the box by unplugging for a minute or so and then trying again. If that doesn't help might be worth having a word with live chat as there aren't many other EE TV users on the forum.


You can get to live chat from the Contact Us page

(expand the Anything Else section at the bottom for the live chat button)

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