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Poor picture on sky sports channels

Regularly getting issues with unwatchable picture when switching over to Sky Sports News and other sports channels. Cannot read the info bar on the bottom or sides and the picture resembles 1980s coppied VHS quality. Movie or entertainment channels are fine.

My black box is hard wired into my router and this has only happened in the last few days.

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Re: Poor picture on sky sports channels

I was on live chat last night and the girl on the other end admitted they had a problem at thier end, she said it was a temporary problem I explained this has been going on for weeks and that the forum was full of people complaining about it. She tried to get me to do all the usual fixes but I said what's the point if as you said you have a problem. She then gave me a 1 month refund and escalated my problem to tech team. Let's all get on to them and demand a refund hit them in the pocket

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