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Free to Air Channels Freezing NowTv Black Box

This problem started two weeks ago, when all of a sudden when going on the free to air channels the screen would freeze? This would then reboot the NowTv black box and load up the home page. If you then went on to the free to air channel again, it would do exactly the same. Everything else seems to work, it just seems to have a glitch on the free to air channel. I had to do a full reset of the box, and do the long winded sign ins to all the apps, and this seemed to cure the problem? It lasted around two weeks and it did exactly the same last night, Grrrrrr! This meant factory resetting the box again, and the long winded signing in process for all the apps. I've noticed a lot of people having the same problem, so think that it must be something to do with an update? But don't know for sure as NowTv seem not to be answering anybody's questions about this problem??



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