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Using the Smart remote with an LG TV help.

Hi, is anyone having issues using their Smart remote (the one with the on/off button and voice search) with their LG TV (that uses a Magic remote)? When setting up the remote to control the TV, I have to go through around 20 codes* before one works (it turns the mute on), but whilst the remote turns the TV off it doesn't turn it back on. At the moment I'm using the Smart remote with the yellow buttons, but will try the original black one I have.


As the LG (it's 2-3 years old) uses a wireless remote, I conscious that it need infrared line of sight for the on/off functions, but I can't turn the TV back on.


*Is the remote supposed to turn the mute function on to confirm that the music isn't playing? it doesn't lower the volume like you're pressing the "volume -" button?


@Anonymous User 


When struggling in the far reaches of the code alternatives, you will likely encounter setups that only partially work, regarding the IR repertoire of On, Off, Mute On/Off, Volume Up/Down.


The thing to do, when you get to that 20th option, is to lie to it, and say the music is still playing, so it moves on to the 21st option, which may at last be what you need.


Rinse and repeat if not.

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That's what I was doing, saying "Yes", until the volume slider went down. I redid the test and the first option (even though the Mute activated (with my Samsung you see the volume drop)) now works and On/Off seems to as well.