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Turning off streaming facility

According to my Sunday Mail paper my Samsung TV will soon need a £30 Fire TV stick. It says I need an email promotion code to get the stick free from Amazon. Have you had your e mail code yet? Article is suggesting that on our current now tv stick it will stop working after November 2nd. We gave a Samsung set with integrated Internet.

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Legend 5

Hi @WOB62 

The NOW Stick will still work on any television including the Samsung's.

If you have a Samsung 2015 Smart TV that previously had the native inbuilt NOW App on it, then after the 5th of September it will stop working.

There should be a notification on the 2015 Samsung Smart TV NOW App.

Customers who use the NOW service on their Samsung 2015 Smart TV should be also notified by an NOW email.


Thank you. After further investigation are set is a 2018 model.  So we are ok.



That sounds like two things that the Sunday Mail has got wrong, been inexact about, or been misinterpreted over.

Can you give a link to the article, or at least the headline and date, so we can check it?

The two assertions are:-

(i) The Now app on Samsung TVs will stop working on September 5th (inexact, as this is true for 2015 models only)


(ii) Now sticks will stop working on November 2nd. (I can find no record of this anywhere)

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