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Stick vs App

I'm looking at buying the Stick, the idea of voice control seems novel albeit restricted. I have the App on my TV, which is 4K ready, and wondered if it worth getting the Stick or not? I noted that the channels they describe as HD aren't full HD, which mine are on the Tv, is this another consideration in getting the Stick as opposed using the App? Does anyone know if Now TV give discounts to existing customers, I get my Broadband through them. Thanks.

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If you have the app built into your TV I have generally found very good on the LG, though a bit clunky getting to the live tv streams, so you don’t need to invest in a stick, unless you have other TV’s at home which you’d like to use the service on.  You can sign into 4 devices with your account and use 2 devices to stream at any time so potentially you could watch your TV App in one room and the NOW stick in another.


There were NOW Broadband deals to include Movies or Ent passes or both with a discounted price, but they are normally time limited.  You’ll need to check for offers on the home page, but also google, as sometimes the offers aren’t always displayed.  External promos are often about but is a case of searching online.  

Personally I’ve found it better to be unbundled from NOW Broadband TV promos, as there are often separate deals across the packs which often work out better.  The bundles tend to tie you in for 1 year only a monthly sub.  The best deals I’ve had are paying up front for passes for the year on the Black Friday deals.


The output on NOW TV is currently 720p on most devices.  There is news this will be going to 1080p.  It won’t likely go to 4K as only some programming via Sky Q are currently in 4K.





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Don't get the stick. Its a headache to get working for a lot of people.


Youd think you just plug in, login and go. But no it wants a code verified on a website that won't even load on my mobile, PC or any of the wife's devices too...


Read on here many others with the same problem...