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Smart Stick won't work with Onkyo receiver

When I plug my Smart Stick into my Onkyo receiver's hdmi socket (one of them conveniently enough is marked "Streamer", but I tried them all anyway) I get the start up screen, sign in, then a combination of blank screen and interference. I've tried powering it via the Onkyo "Streamer" power out, and with the supplied plug but still no joy.


Plugged directly into the TV via the supplied plug it runs perfectly, so why isn't it working with the Onkyo ? I checked its hdmi, it was fine.

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Sounds to me it's possibly a HDMI handshake conflict between the nowtv stick and your Onkyo AV reciever.


I had a similar problem with a Samsung Blu Ray player with my old Onkyo AV receiver, where the only way i could get the Blu Ray player to sync with the Onkyo over HDMI was to use a set switch on procedure, where if my memory serves me right i had to power up the Blu Ray first, then switch on the Onkyo, then start my projector (thou the start up sequence didn't work for me everytime).


Eventually i ended up buying a different Blu Ray player which worked every time with the Onkyo and transferred the Samsung player to another TV in the house.


Also have you tried setting the NowTV stick in it's Display settings to 720p to see if it will sync with the Onkyo and have you tried the stick with the supplied power adapter ?


Another thing worth trying is a force software update on the stick to see if it makes any difference with your Onkyo AVR.

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Whatever it was doing it interfered with every other input that I switched too.

I.e. if the stick was in the "Streamer" socket and I went to the "Cable/Sat" input, I didn't see Virgin Media, all I saw was the white interference. It was the same on every input I selected with power supply and powered from the amp.


I've given up and have just bunged it into one of the TV inputs. Not ideal as I was hoping to use that for something else, but at least we got to see GOT