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Service light keeps going out on my nowtv stick

I’ve had my now tv stick for 3 years, I use it in my lounge & take it upstairs & use it in my bedroom at night. 
Recently when I turn the tv on, the service light on the stick is off. I’ve tried the obvious, checking my broadband service, taking the stick out, turning the tv on & off at the wall & resetting the device which doesn’t work. The light will eventually come back on but can take some time & there doesn’t seem to be any logic aa to what’s caused the problem?

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 

Do you mean the white light on the NOW Stick? 

If so and the white light struggles to come on when the Stick is powered up then a couple of things to try.

1. If using the 5vdc 1 A USB port on your television, then try the supplied power adapter or vice versa.

2. Try a different USB standard to USB micro cable.

3. If you have a third party USB 1 A charger, try that with the Stick.

Should the white light be flashing then that points to either a wifi / internet connection issue or an HDMI issue.