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Anonymous User
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Remote not working properly scrolling

I am a new customer. Bought pre loaded stick and remote.

When on the guide anywhere it starts scrolling so fast and not individually as it should.

Have been on chat. Not much help done all the stick and remote resetting. Still the same.

Sorry I bothered now.

Will be cancelling account next month if still the same.

Could it be a fault with the remote?

Bought from Amazon. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


When scrolling around the NowTV menu is it only effecting one of the directional buttons on the remote ?


If so it might be a sticky button or faulty remote.


Have you tried the free Roku Remote App you can download from your mobile device Apps Store, just to temporary test if the same thing is happening ?

Anonymous User
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Many thanks for the reply.

Seems to be in all directions haven’t noticed any stickiness.

Going to see if the retailer will exchange it and try again.

Thank you.