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Now TV 4K box stuck on “let’s get started”

So I’ve purchased a 2nd hand 4K box from a third party.


ive plugged it all in and done all the setup stuff. When it comes to the “let’s get started” with a code If doesn’t seem to accept the code on the site.


when I put the code in it will flash and reset the code. On the website it says “almost done” and redirects me to add pass but I already have 4 on there.


live chat didn’t seem to be much help.

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


If trying another internet browser doesn't help when entering the code seen on the television screen and you are a UK customer (not Republic of Ireland customer) then perhaps you have succumb to this known fault on the link thread below and if so try live chat again or send them an email message.