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Now Stick

Hi stick users,  I strongly  believe that the electricity should always be switched off at the socket when stick is not in use but left plugged into the TV.    If electricity is present at the stick it will continue to get hot.  Even if,   not in use, enclosed in a cabinet or even removed from the TV socket and left loose. 

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Oldsparks85 

It's been a year or two since I used a NOW Stick.

Under the Stick Settings there should be an option for power save mode, double check if that isn't set to off.

I can't remember if you select one of the power save mode times after non continuous use at a set time the white light on the NOW Stick will switch off and the Stick will only draw a small wattage in standby mode.

Looking at the Stick specs when streaming it draws around 3 to 4 watts of power.

Also are you using the supplied power adapter or using the USB power from your TV, where some TV's USB are constantly powered on even in standby mode.

My TV USB powers off when it goes into standby.

If using the supplied power adapter that came with the Stick maybe disconnect the USB cable at the power adapter end if you want to power down and switch off the Stick totally.