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No now tv content working

For the past 3 days I cannot load movies/entertainment or sports on my now tv stick? I’ve spoken to various advisers on live chat and after I’ve tried resetting various times as they ask me to do they then leave the chat with me still unable to do anything? I’ve tried watching the content on other devices and again it says there’s an error? It’s really frustrating as the kids rely on watching it too. Any ideas on what else I can try before I give up and go back to prime and Netflix?


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@Anonymous User 

Have you tried unplugging your router for a few minutes?


You can also try a factory reset to the device.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @Anonymous User 


Whats the error message or error code on your devices ?


Because you mentioned that the error is occurring on all your playback devices, then i would be tempted to factory reset or switch the power off to your Router for about 30 minutes just in case your Router has acquired a rouge IP address.


Also are you using any third party adblocking software on your Router and maybe if you have a smartphone with internet data on it try your mobile data with the NOW App on your phone to temporary bypass your Router internet or maybe try your smartphone has a wifi hotspot with your Stick.