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NOW TV Boost, no 5.1



I've just started the trial of NOW TV Boost on the NOW TV stick. HD is being recognised but the Boost settings are not recognising 5.1 even though I have that set in the audio settings. 


I have tried signing out and switching off the stick but nothing works. 


Anyone got any ideas? 





Any help would be much appreciated, cheers. 

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Hi all. For 5.1 to work the NowTV boost settings must be set to either DolbyD+ or DolbyD+/DTS all other settings result in Stereo only. Sonos Beam does not work with DolbyD+ so will not output 5.1 with a NowTV box or stick. Hopefully a future firmware update will let the DolbyD setting work which would then work with Sonos Beam. 

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So i have the now tv apprunning on ps4, and ps4 audio set to bitstream (dolby). I only get  stereo.  DENON reciever aet to auto so can pick up atmos and everything below.


Ive tried linear pcm as audio output option on ps4 with no change. Im playing avenue 5 which has 5.1 track.


Anyone having any luck with ps4 using app and home cinema? App itself doesnt seem to have any audio settings.

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Ignore# ive found the app settings!

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I don't own a PS4, but have you gone into the NowTV App on the PlayStation and under My Account section played with the HD Boost settings button ?


Obviously when testing make sure the nowTV movie or entertainment episode has the 5.1 symbol showing next to the description.


More information here. 

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Yes thanks..found the stereo/surround setting and can now playback 5.1


Sound quite muted as if dynamic compression is set somewhere, or the audio bitstream is heavily compressed.. 


Not sure why but my PS4 app is no longer broadcasting 5.1, was working fine but I'm trying it tonight and everything is in stereo.


Netflix working from the PS4 in 5.1 as expected. 

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@MartinAsh1978 wrote:



Thanks for the speedy response @schnapps 


OK, so I do not have a standard setup, it's a pain in the ass quite frankly so I will try to describe what I have.


I have a Sonos Beam but my Samsung TV does not output 5.1 from the ARC because it's one of those TVs that simply did not have the ability to do so. So, in order to get around some of the problems I use a switch (


I have a BT Box, NOW TV Stick, Chromecast and PS4 going into the switch and then coming out of the switch via HDMI into my TV. I also have a cable coming out via Toslink into the Sonos. This gets me 5.1 with the BT Box, PS4 and the Chromecast in some circumstances.

I'm assuming this funky setup is the reason I am having issues but I assumed the Settings option on my screenshot was not doing any tests and was just simply reading the settings on the device. Does the Now TV app do a test when reporting the settings? I didn't think it would be doing it at that point.

I have tried setting everything to auto but no joy on that one. 


Thanks for the help so far.


EDIT - I have Audio Mode and HDMI explicitly set to Dolby D but still no joy.

Hi @MartinAsh1978 

The audio format that now TV uses 5.1 audio is Dolby Digital plus (DD plus) not Dolby Digital. Are you able to change HDMI option in audio settings to 'DD plus, DTS' the great thing about DD plus is that it's backwards compatible with Dolby Digital. However, due to the way that Roku/Roku-based nowTV hardware handles audio the HDMI setting within the audio section must be set to DD plus, DTS for this to work.


If you still have no joy. After this, then it is probably down to the fact that your TV does not have ARC capability


CC @schnapps 

I do not work for Now . I am simply a Now customer trying to help I am a Community Contributor This means that I know a lot about the service. But just like you I am still a customer. This means I cannot help you with issues that would involve looking into your account directly. A member of the now TV forum team or live chat will need to assist you with these issues.
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The solution for me (after much searching, hair pulling and cancelling my Boost pass in frustration) was:

•Make sure you have the surround sound set in the OS

e.g. Audio Mode = (Auto (Dolby D+, DTS))

•Play a video in your NowTV app.
•Press the * key on your remote.

•Change the “Volume Mode” to off.

•Restart the NowTV / Roku device.


It looks like the volume levelling in the app prevents the Surround Sound feature from working in the NowTV app. My Pioneer VSX-933 amp is now seeing input from “Dolby Audio - DD+ 5.1 ch 48kHz”. I hope it works for you.


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Thanks.. seems to have resolved itself without further tinkering.. perhaps it was the restarts?


Unfortunately for me, PS4 is still no longer working. Seems to be since an update in January to the app. Probably something to do with my odd set up but this set up was working perfectly over Xmas 😞

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I have tried all audio setting combinations and still cannot get 5.1 from my Nowtv stick connected to my Samsung tv and then onto my Yamaha receiver. Have selected a programme in HD with 5.1, set audio settings to DD etc and it still shows as stereo on receiver !! Setting stick as DD+ just means no audio at all. This is very frustrating, the boost is for HD and 5.1 so only getting half of what I am paying for. My Amazon firestick works fine, HD and 5.1, connected in the same way so why doesn't the Nowtv stick work ? Need to know if it is a Samsung settings issue or a Nowtv stick settings issue. Any suggestions greatfully received.