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Movie pass

I have just purchased a second now tv stick ( with 1 months free movies) to watch in a tv in one of our bedrooms. When I started the set up progress the update kept stopping on 11%. I disconnected the stick and went downstairs and went through the set up process on the tv in the lounge. The update was succesful and I entered the code it gave me into my online now tv account(as instructed) and could receive the movies channels.

I have now disconnected the stick and taken it back upstairs to the bedroom and plugged it into the tv up there. When i select the movies channel and click on a movie it is asking me to pay to watch the film instead of being free.

This is doing my head in, can anyone help?

Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Does your first nowtv stick that you purchased work while watching movies ?


I am assuming when you setup the second stick you used the same account details ?


When you go to My Account > Passes & Vouchers on here does it show that you have started the one month cinema voucher or is there a link towards the top of the page saying vouchers waiting for you which you need to start and redeem ?