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Grey translucent box on top left of screen when watching sports



I bought the Now TV Stick today as well as a daily sports pass and boost (for the HD)


On a trial run today when I put Sky Sports on the picture was fine other than a grey translucent box covering the top left hand side of the screen. It spreads out about half way across and down and is very noticable.


If I select the menu (whilst till in screen) it disappears. I can then see the normal screen and the NOW TV menu/guide down the bottom. Once you close this to get normal full screen again within a couple of seconds it appears and remains.


I am using HDMI connection, running at 1080p on PanasonicTV.


Any ideas???


Many thanks in advance





Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


10 minutes so far and no sign of the grey shadow box in the top corner whilst watching Sky Sports Main Event.


It looks to me it's another glitch and bug with the NowTV new look home screen layout on NowTV branded devices 😠.

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Yep got this bug on all my boxes (4K and puck) that have the crap 'new' software on! 🙄


The Freeview Smart box that still has the old software doesn't have the issue, just like it never had the unknown page error issue either. Go figure!


@schnapps , thanks for the work around, displays fine now!

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@schnapps works a treat!  Many thanks

Anonymous User
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Ah brill! Ill try that in a mo once im back home. Just spent hour on chat troubleshooting and no luck. Very frustrating!

Thanks for this.

Working for me so far. 

Anonymous User
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Good - that works 😁
Anonymous User
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Going through the App Store worked for me too.


Anonymous User
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you’re a legend mate. That workaround is working for me too 👍🏼

Anonymous User
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Same for me.