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Can't watch on TV


I can't watch on my TV (JVC). Don't know what happened. Yesterday was fine. Keep resetting smart stick but it doesn't help. I've wifi .. is ok. I don't have remote to it I use app 😞 ... atm it displaying something to do with remote which I'm not able to do ... Any advice, please ? Thanks

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Hi @nene15 

I am guessing your JVC TV is not a Fire TV with the inbuilt native NOW App on it if you are using a Stick.

Things I would try is a fresh App download of the Roku Remote App on your phone / tablet, make sure your phone or tablet with the Roku App is on the same wifi Network band ie both on 2.4ghz or 5ghz has the Stick.

Perhaps try rebooting your Router or a different wifi channel on it.

If nothing helps can you check your Stick on a different TV in your home if you have a second TV to test on.

Whatever you do, because you haven't got a physical remote do not factory reset the Stick, otherwise you will need a physical remote to set up the Stick again.