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TV Guide not showing

My mum's Now TV box suddenly decided to stop showing the TV guide this morning. I've gone round this evening and it's all up to date, I've reset it, rescanned (found 147 channels) but yet the TV guide is still not showing up at all, any ideas anyone?

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


What happens if you force a software update on the NOW Freeview Smart box by following these instructions below ?


  • Start by pressing your NOW remote control buttons in this order:

Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2

  • Select the Update Software option that appears on the next screen.
  • Press OK, even if you already have the latest version. 

If that doesn't help when on the main NOW home screen what happens if you press the back button on the remote, is there an option for the TV Guide on the LHS of the television screen and once clicking on it does the TV NOW & Next Guide appear ?


Have you also tried to access the TV Guide by pressing the star * button on the remote or scrolling to the bottom grid row of the home page screen and clicking on the TV Guide tile box.