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Hayu keeps cutting out every few minutes

Hayu on my nowtv roku box is having lagging issues or bugging out , it keeps distorting the image like its glitched the sound continues to play then the picture catches up every few minutes it will do this , have high speed Internet doesn't do it on any other apps , hayu say its a nowtv issue not a hayu issue . Box connected by Ethernet,  followed all the steps nowtv have told me including factory reset still bugging out like crazy and the worst part is I'm paying for the privilege of this crap and neither company accepting any responsibility 

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Do you have any other playback devices to test the NOW Hayu Membership with to see if the problem persists ?


Have you any other NOW Memberships to see if these Memberships have the same issue ?


To go down the elimination process, have you tried your box over WiFi rather than Ethernet and also maybe try another television with a different HDMI cable in the home has a temporary test both on WiFi and Ethernet if possible on the second television ?


Another forum member had problems over Ethernet with their NOW Sports Membership on their NOW box, where all other Apps was running perfectly fine and changing to WiFi seemed to solve it for them (make sure your NOW box location has a decent wifi reception to undertake this temporary test).


Also, if you have a smartphone with mobile internet data, try your smartphone has a wifi hotspot with the NOW box to temporary test by bypassing your Router and home internet.