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Picture Breakup - faulty box ordered less than 1 year ago

Wen using the Black Now box in the living room it works fine for about 1 hour but then the picture stats to breakup at regular intervals (every couple of minutes) with full colour patterns appearing - sound seems unaffected.  I use the box mainly to watch the sports - football and cricket and as these passes are expensive I feel a bit disappointed with my viewing experience.  I also have a smart nox box connected to the TV in my bedroom which has a much lower strength Wifi signal but this operates without problems.


I have switched Hdmi leads and ensured that everything is connected properly and as upstairs box is fine I am fairly sure that it is not a hub problem.


I do not want to swsitch the boxes as main TV is fully HD (receiver and decoder), where as the upstairs TV is only HD ready.


The faulty box was got from Now TVs website on 10th May 2017 and I have a record of order nos, email cobfirnations etc.  Is there any way to get a replacement?

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Hi @Anonymous User


I don't believe your box is faulty where a number of customers on here have reported the multi coloured break up of the picture on the Sky Sports channels.


More info here on this thread.


I don't subscribe to the Sky Sports pass, but i have noticed this picture issue also when watching the live entertainment and cinema channels after an hour or so on my nowtv box.


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I assumed this was just a box problem as dont notice it on my other smart box - never thought of checking the sports forum!


Looking at the number of people complaining - what on earth are Now TV playing at.  You have just taken £150 off me and if this is going to keep happening then I will be exremely dissapointed.