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Now TV Black Box Restart on Home Button

Hello All,


For last month or two, I have weird problem with Now TV Black Box. On pressing the home button on remote device restart. Factory reset doesn't help either. Main apps I use are Disney+, Prime and Youtube other than Now TV.


I wonder if any one has the same issue and know of a possible resolution.





Elite 3

@Anonymous User when you say "restart" what exactly does the box do? Does it have the large NowTV logo that changes colour for 30/40 seconds or does it say "checking connection", "loading homepage"?


@Anonymous User  @Saint1976  (for info)




Have you tried downloading a Roku remote app, to your smartphone or tablet from the Google app store, and using that to control your device instead of using your physical remote.


It maybe worth a try.


Also, your remote may have developed a fault and, if so, you should consider buying a spare remote from Amazon UK.



UK Bob

Anonymous User
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Go back to NowTV logo for ~3-5 Seconds.


Followed by Checking Connection and Loading Homepage.


All this take about 20-30 Seconds.

Elite 3

@Anonymous User that's normal I'm afraid. It's how the new layout loads. 


To be honest, after the latest update my black box started to get very slow with loading the homepage and content (it was taking about a minute to check connection) so I've replaced it with a roku premiere. It's much quicker and is 4k compatible.