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Devices not appearing in Device Manager



I have just set up an older box which is black and although new, was from 2018.  I have had to update the software and register it in the usual way and have added it to my account and it plays movies from NOWTV.


However, when I log into my web account and look at registered devices, it does not appear.


Does anyone have any idea why this newly registered device won't show up in my device list?


Thanks,  Stephen.

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Have you watched any NowTV content on the box for it to be automatically added to your registered device list (assuming you only have one NowTV account and looking on the right account and have a spare empty slot).


Sometimes the Device list can be a little flaky or takes a little time for the device to appear on the list. 

Anonymous User
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Yes I have.  Something strange has happened because since logging into my account user id instead of via my email address (same account) it has sorted itself out somehow.  I do log in to a number of accounts because we have 3 homes with broadband and each one has a separate account.  Maybe a cookie issue but either way it's sorted.


Thanks for responding.