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iPad app wrong renewal date



I just wondered if you could help me with an issue that I'm having with the iPad app. I noticed that it stated my renewal date for my entertainment pass was June, so I bought a voucher to apply. However, when I went to apply the voucher through the website on my laptop, my renewal date was actually July and not June.


I applied the voucher today as I am within the last 30 days on my old voucher, but the changes have not shown up on the iPad app, which still says that it will renew today at 18:00. I have removed and redownloaded the app, but nothing changes it.


Any help would be great, thank you!

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Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


The mobile app's only show you the details of your bill up until your next renewal date.


To see anything beyond this if you use a PC or Mac and head to the My Account > My Passes section of the website you will see your billing to your pass expiry date.