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Casting from phone to tv via hdmi

Paying your high rates for your subscriptions that aren’t even worth it, one decent film added a month, if that! Now I can’t watch these subscriptions that I’m PAYING for on my damn tv via hdmi. Forgot password, can’t access my old email, but I’m signed in on my devices, so bought this adapter as it would allow me to watch my shows on a bigger screen, or so I thought! So what? I have to pay for yet another thing to access something I’m already paying for? Ridiculous! 

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Casting from phone to tv via hdmi

Hi @Connor211997 


From what i understand using a smartphone over HDMI will not work (where i am guessing there is some sort of copy right protection in place on the NowTV App over HDMi on your phone).


Should you wish to cast NowTV from your phone to your television then maybe look at a Google Chromecast dongle to plug into your TV HDMI port.


Or alternatively maybe look at a NowTV smart stick with a bundled pass for £15 from places like Currys.


Also have a read of this help article on ways to watch NowTV where you may already own a device to watch on your television.





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