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Can’t login in on app or phone

I have tried to login into the app on my phone and also on the app and it said “there is a problem with your password”. So I changed my password and tried logging in again and it still didn’t work it says it needs to check if I am a genuine user. What do I need to do to log back in
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Re: Can’t login in on app or phone

Hi @Lauren_21 


I am assuming you are not using a beta OS on your mobile phone which sometimes causes problems with the NowTV App.


Maybe try deleting the NowTV App, then download the App again from your phones App Store, then power off the phone, then re start the phone and try signing back into the NowTV App.


If you have a username (not forum username) maybe try your nowtv account username or email address.


Should you still have no luck, see if Live Chat can assist you further.


Open the link page below and select the most appropriate help topic then once you get to the final stage scroll down to the bottom of the screen page and click on the drop down arrow below Get in Touch which should reveal a Live Chat button.


If you get it sorted, post back here how you fixed it which might help others who are in the same boat has you and come across your thread when searching for help on the forum.


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