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Please remove "Next Episode" pop up, while I'm still watching the end of a show!

Status: Open
by beefbuns on ‎05-02-2017 08:23

There are so many great shows I'm watching, and what really frustrates me is when I'm near the end of an episode, and say for example, it's a really sad, emotional ending, I get the annoying "Next Episode, Maybe Later, Watch Now" pop up. Totally ruins many endings for me and I'd really like the option to take this off, or at least delay the pop up until the credits actually start!

Status: Open
by commanda6 Champion 1
on ‎10-02-2017 12:53

Hi @beefbuns 


The next episode pop-up is only meant to appear. Once the credits start rolling on the TV episode. If the next episode pop-up is appearing early on content then you need report that this is happening and specifically on which pieces of content. It is occurring.


They used to be specific topic in the entertainment board for reporting such issues that I'm not sure where that topic has gone now.


The best way to report it would be to create a topic in the entertainment board of the forum

by varsas
on ‎14-02-2017 10:47

This is definitely happening on series like Supergirl and The Flash. I'll keep an eye out and report it if it continues.

by ukbobboy
on ‎14-02-2017 11:11

Dear Forum Members


First of all, I agree with C6, the "Next Episode, Maybe Later, Watch Now", in my experience, only appear during the end credits.  


However, if for you they don't and appear earlier then this is a fault, not a new idea, and as such should be reported to Live Chat to either supply a solution or, if they do not have one, forwarding the matter to NowTV's tech people to come up with a fix.



UK Bob

by Community Manager
on ‎14-03-2017 02:22
Status changed to: New
by varsas
on ‎17-03-2017 09:43

I've noticed that this is a problem with shows were the credits roll over the final scenes e.g. Modern Family.

by wallis2xk
on ‎02-03-2018 05:33

This is happening on Mad Men. It's super annoying.

by NOW TV Team Niamh-D
on ‎03-03-2018 09:22
Status changed to: Open